High Resolution, State of the Art, Digital Beam Forming Radar



This is a high resolution, state of the art, digital beam forming radar which autonomously monitors, detects, and alerts on moving or stationary objects in the defended perimeter.


A PC located in a central control room, controlling the entire surveillance system. Due to its extremely low power consumption, the SR-200 radar is powered solely by its integrated solar panel and backup battery.
It is equipped with wireless communications, enabling quick and seamless installation without any power or communication cabling infrastructure. It can also be combined with a day & night electro-optical sensor enabling automatic targeting and identification of radar detections.


The Most Cost Effective High Performance Perimeter Detection Radar



The most cost effective solution for perimeter detection and protection with superb detection capabilities at all conditions and easy installation


By utilizing state of the art MIMO & Digital beam forming technology the SR-500 covers an area of over 250,000 sqm (>61 acres) with a detection range of 400m for walker and 600m for vehicle/boat. Yet, it consumes extremely low power (<3.5W) and has small form factor. It boasts an ultra-high range resolution of 0.4m giving it excellent performance in cluttered environments. Its small size, low power consumption and low weight make it simple to install and renders it ideal as a deployable system as well.




Tactical Ground Surveillance Radar



A fully autonomous Unattended Ground Rada (UGS/UGR) designed for quick deployment with built-in solar panels and wireless communications it's the most advanced unattended sensor of its kind.


SR-700 Tactical Groun Surveillance RAdar is an Innovative unattended ground radar, patented ultra-low power design, enables integrated solar panels for no energy limitation. SR-700 radar works on ground level featuring short-medium detection range and provides wide sectorial and vertical Field of View and coverage. The SR-700 radar operates in 5.5 GHz unlicensed ISM band, with very low output power and possesses no radiation hazard. It is designed as an outdoor sensor and provides full threat detection capabilities under all-weather and visibility conditions.


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