Incorporating Digital Audio PA & BGM (BackGround Music)


Public Address System is an electronic amplification system with a microphone, amplifier and speakers, used to reinforce a given sound. It is one system that allows a single user or group of users to address a large public number of people typically in a venue or building. 

A Voice Alarm System (sometimes referred to as a Voice Evacuation System) is very similar to public address system. It is a system that assists in the effective evacuation of an area or building during a fire, bomb alert or other emergencies.


System Application


Paging Systems communicate voice announcement throughout a building or area. Distributing intelligent speech is the main requirement of a paging system.

Speech energy is concentrated in the range from 350Hz to 5kHz. System frequency response should be smooth and consistent in this range.

Speech intelligibility is most affected by system performance in the range 1-5kHz. Consistent coverage of the listening area is especially important in this frequency range.


Background Music

Background Music places different demands on a sound system than paging.

Natural-sounding music reproduction requires a minimum frequency response range of 100Hz-10kHz that is wider than the basic speech range.

Background music sources typically have limited dynamic range, and have a lower peak volume requirement than foreground music or paging.

Background music does not usually require the precise spectral balance and consistency of coverage such as speech; this allows wider speaker spacing in background music-only systems.


Voice/Music Combinations

Most installed sound systems are required to reproduce both speech and music. Therefore, they must have both the smooth response and even coverage of a speech system and the wide frequency range and continuous output capability of a music system. In a distributed speaker design, this means using good quality speakers and relatively close spacing.


The safe management of buildings increasingly demand that the installation of Public Address/Voice Alarms for the occupant to respond quickly to emergencies. At Cinergi, we have experienced engineers who can design effective systems using world renowned brands from USA and Germany.

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