Internet of Energy Monitoring System (IEMS)

Our Internet of Energy Monitoring System is our contribution to conservation and the sustainability of our planet.


Edge Electrons in partnership with Zeta Tech, Department of Science and Technology (DOST), and Department of Energy pursue the Energy Conservation and Efficiency Act RA 11285.

Edge Electrons introduced products to help conserve energy whether it is for Residential, Network, or Industrial use, such as

  • Energy Monitor – a complete monitoring for Smart homes and Smart buildings. It comes with a smartphone app to provide insights in reducing your electricity bill

  • EdgeIQ – an inverter type power electronics voltage regulator that provides energy savings without the need for solar panels

  • GridData Logger – an IOT-based state of the art network devices to gain grid insights and real-time monitoring.

  • eSensor – a utility power quality monitoring, which is low cost but high-quality transformer status monitoring module that supports both single and 3 phase installations

  • PowerSave has 2 classifications:

    • Power Factor Correction that uses solid state semiconductor devices for high reliability, efficiency, and compact power density design for your business needs in reducing your electricity bill.

    • Sub-meter / sub-circuit level energy monitoring for energy consumption auditing and power quality data insights for smart buildings.

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